24 Dec 2017

Start obeying God in all things today

Just do it. So, what’s wrong with a little hesitation? Well, when you try something, like food or a sport, you’re really deciding if you like it or not—but you aren’t committed to it. That’s why trying the Word of God won’t work, because you’re giving yourself an out—you’re implying that it may not work. But God’s Word always works. For example, He has told us not to worry. So, instead of trying it, then giving up—ask for His help—and make a decision not to worry. He has also told us to honor Him with our tithe. So, don’t say, Well, I’ll give this one shot. No. Just do it!

When it comes to God’s Word—he isn’t asking us to just try it—He’s telling us to do it. The good news is He never leaves us on our own to carry it out. He’ll always be right there, giving the supernatural strength, wisdom and endurance to carry it out.

Start obeying God in all things today—just do it! Let Him see that He can trust you out there in a place of much authority. Let Him know you’ll be faithful to His words and to the voice of His Spirit. Once He knows you won’t let disobedience wipe you out, He’ll start sending bigger assignments and blessings your way.